Skull Guitar Brass Bridge Pins x 6


Skull Acoustic Guitar Brass Bridge Pins

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Increase SUSTAIN & BRIGHTNESS!! Attitude Unplugged!!! Solid bronze replacement String Pins for your acoustic!!

At last, 6 x kick ass solid brass , extremely high detail, Custom Skull Bridge Pins from Dreadmeister Custom Parts!!!

Give your acoustic the attitude to burn, while increasing sustain and brightness!!

These little beauties have been hand cast from the fires of ROCK!!


Solid Brass


Overall Height = 36.5mm

Pin Length = 23mm tapered

Skull Length = 16.3mm

Skull Width = 8.9mm

Spacing = 9.5mm between hole centres in bridge.

Bridge Hole Size = Up to 5.1mm diametre

Attitude: 150%!!

Your buying yourself bridge pins for life!!

Rock ON!!

” Dreadmeister Skulls are the most evil looking you can get ! I’d seen a few about before but nothin that looked deathly enough to seriously use … ” (Jay – Fourwaykill)

“Thanx so much for the wicked skull knobs. your knobs make any axe Evil” (Thomas Pain – Seraphim Shock, USA)

Measurements: L 16mm x W 8.9mm x H 36.5mm
Group: set
Price: $60.00 USD set

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Weight 1 kg


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