Laurance Paterson – Drummer

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Uses DM Skull Cymbal Nuts and Tuning Keys


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Uses DM Skull Cymbal Nuts and Tuning Keys


Influences: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, AC/DC, early Metallica, Sacred Reich, Anthrax, Megadeth, Sepultura.
Drummers: Mikkey Dee, Phil Rudd, Nicko McBrain, Clive Burr, Scott Travis.
First band at 15 -AFTERMATH, other bands in New Zealand (Destroyer, Talon etc)

1988 – 1992: Various UK bands: Such as Sweet FA, The Warning, and other half-arsed outfits.

1992-1994: ARBITRATOR
Releases: (1993) Darkened Reality LP

1995: MALICE COOPER (Alice Cooper tribute band)

1996 – 2000: Gave up music as don’t like tributes and sick of bullshit. Became author and diving instructor.

2001-2003: METALHEAD
Releases: (2002) Metalhead EP
(2003) Bootleg EP

2003-2004: SHADOWKEEP

2004 – 2007: CHOKEHOLD
Releases: (2004) Legion EP
(2005) The Killing Has Begun LP
(2006) Eight Days In May EP
(2007) Sweet Sense Of Genocide LP

2007 onwards: BLAZE BAYLEY
Releases: (2008) The Man Who Would Not Die LP
(2008) Robot EP
(2009) The Night That Will Not Die (live)LP
(2010) Promise And Terror LP


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