The Dreadmeister Story

Dreadmeister also known as DM, started in 2004. Sid the founder of Dreadmeister Custom Parts had just finished the Lord of The Rings trilogy as the Miniature Effects Supervisor and was kicking around some ideas as to what to do next. I had this idea to make some super realistic skull guitar knobs to go on my black Tokai Strat guitar, says Sid. (Mmmm, can’t imagine what inspired the skull idea!!) As you can imagine he had met and in many cases had made some amazingly talented friends working in the film industry. Some of which just so happen to be among the worlds evilest sculptors!! So it didn’t take long before I had my first set of handmade custom skull knobs to go on my gate. (The same ones that you can purchase from Dreadmeister still today) I never thought much about making anymore, says Sid, but after a few friends saw them and ordered some, I thought, shit! Maybe I better make some more? Well we all know how the rest of the story goes.

Dreadmeister Custom Parts export Skull Custom Parts all over the world and continue to release new and exciting products each year.

Who better to sum it up than Sid himself:

Our goal is to provide kick ass, high quality, high detail custom parts with attitude!! No F***ing around!!! Products you’d be proud to own! We at DM are proud of them and believe you will be too.

For those of you with attitude, I salute you!!

Rock ON!!!


Sid CEO Dreadmeister Ltd.